In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since.

'Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone,' he told me, just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had.'

peacefully time

peacefully time / ムスメとカメラとコドモフク


good evening balloon pants。 

goodevening のバルンパンツが届きました~
blouse、pants・・・good evening
shoes・・・topsider vintage 

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  1. I love this look, give me inspiration want to create something like this for our next spring summer collection! Thank you!

  2. She is such a beautiful little girl and this is such a great look. Yanyan you should definately create something like this!

  3. So funny I was just saying that my little one needs suspenders (his pants are always falling...). Your daughter is so beautiful and full of grace! (I love the new font you are using for the blog...)

  4. Such lovely style! She's adorable!
    The bubble pants are great and so as the blouse.
    I love the collar details.

  5. What a wonderful outfit...she's straight out of a storybook! Just love it!

  6. Dear Yanyan
    Thanks Yanyan.
    Who has a great sense like you, compliments of you to honor.
    I'm looking forward to your work Producing!!

  7. Dear Yoli
    Thanks Yoli.
    Why such a nice compliment to receive?
    What I get is worth such a compliment?
    I have no self-esteem...
    But encouraged by everyone, trying to regain a little confidence.
    Thank you very much indeed!!  

  8. Dear kenza
    Thanks kenza.
    She is very slim since I was a baby.(I and her body is quite different!!)
    Her loved the suspenders from a young age.
    There is also disagreement about fashion,out ideas in discussion. 
    She seems to love the skirt,but I love the style of pants!!

  9. Dear alliot + iza
    Thanks alliot + iza.
    Japanese children's wear brand "good evening" says.
    Brand concept is"Put a little fantasy and humor into simple".
    Japanese woman is the work of designers.
    The brand that you fly to the world!!

  10. Dear The Wanderers' Daughter
    Thanks The Wanderers' Daughter.
    The design of a Japanese woman.
    Her work is really great.
    Japan boasts one of the designer is.
    I love this brand family!!